Soft Top

This is the top I have in brown. It has lasted since 2006 in all weather and still in great shape.

If your soft top has a punchture in it, it is recomnended that it be taken to a upolstry or sail repair shop that can patch the hole.

If the zipper is stuck, try jerking it back and forth. WD40 has been known to work wonders as well. If the zipper is still stuck and for general maintenance, try using Jeep Wrangler soft top zipper cleaner and lube.

If the zipper is separating from the soft top material, it will have to either be sewn back on or replaced with a new zipper. I would try looking at an upholstery shop for the stitching. I tried to do it once myself and failed miserably.

Of course the optimal thing to do would be to buy a whole new and functional top.

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