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Emergency Kits

Don't get stuck in the mud without the essential items!

The best way to get unstuck is not to get stuck in the first place. But, if you are a true off-roader, you are guaranteed to get stuck, break down, or blowout a tire at least once. It always happens when you least expect it. Make sure you are prepared for large and small emergencies. There are two types of emergency kits that people who like to off road should always have on them while venturing out.

Every first aid kit is different. They range from very inexpensive to several hundreds of dollars. You could buy all of the items you need and make one yourself or buy a pre-made kit with the supplies already in it. Some items that you might want to consider for a first aid kit are as follows: latex gloves, bandages, gauze, wet ones or baby wipes, pain relievers, saline, liquid band aid, ace wraps, flash light, batteries, zip lock bags.

Ok, so you've got the first aid kit, but how is a Band-Aid, ace bandage, or saline suppose to help you out of a hole? For those of us that like to go trailing, there is another kit we need is carry with us in case we run into trouble. Drivers should carry an off-road kit. An off-road kit is kind of like a first aid kit for your Jeep. Some of the items that could save you while off-roading are as follows: man powered winch, tow straps, gas, work gloves, shovel, insect repellant, lighter/matches, tarp, blanket, hand towels, fire extinguisher, as many tools as possible, tool bag, knife, duct tape, extra clothes, toilet paper, trash bags (can double as a poncho), and don't forget the jack that should already be mounted on your vehicle.

Another thing that is absolutely necessary while trailing is water. I would consider this one the most important, if not the single most important item to bring along with you on your travels. If you are traveling to a location where you know there will be water that is not to far off, a simple water purifier should do the trick. However, if you plan to go surf the dunes of a desert, you will probably want to bring some along with you. There are allot of different types of water containers. The best one to get would be one that holds one to five gallons, depending on the passengers riding in the Jeep and the time it takes to get to a water source, and that is collapsible once it is empty.

You will most likely need to store a few packs of ready to eat meals for those true trail making trips.